Why Wednesday’s Table is Closed on Wednesdays…

Wednesday's Table in Southold is closed on Wednesdays -
Wednesday’s Table in Southold

Ever pop over to Wednesday’s Table in Southold on a Wednesday? Didn’t have much luck getting one of their delicious sandwiches, wraps or salads, did you….Wednesday’s Table is closed on Wednesdays for a very personal reason.

Opened in 2013 by sisters Lena Tanzi and Linh Trieu, the cozy restaurant offers breakfast and lunch for sit-down or takeaway.

The Main Road eatery has always been closed on Wednesdays in tribute to their late father, Phil, who worked long, hard hours six days every week. But, Phil took off on Wednesdays. On that precious day off, he gave his wife, (the mother of six) a break by preparing a special family meal. The sisters still consider Wednesdays a family day and, so, the Southold restaurant is closed every week on Wednesday

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