What’s Next for Greenport’s Basso?

Basso In Greenport
Basso Wine Bar in Stirling Square

DECEMBER 2019 – BASSO PLANS TO RE-OPEN: FOR AN UPDATE: GO TO https://northforkandknife.com

February 2019 – Dozens of loyal customers turned out at Basso Cicchetti in Greenport this weekend for a final toast at the wine bar’s Stirling Square location.

Started in 2015 by brothers Paul and Nick DeCillis, Basso quickly grew into a popular North Fork wine bar. With their lease expiring, the owners are closing this week and are actively looking for a new North Fork locale.

Along with a carefully chosen wine list, Basso serves traditional Italian cicchetti – cold appetizers with imported cured meats and cheeses. The menu also features variety of bruschetta and other specialty dishes.

Stirling Square owner Brent Pelton said last month he is finalizing plans for a new use of the Basso space. Mr. Pelton opened American Beech Hotel and Restaurant, with co-owner Alex Vinash, after purchasing the Square in 2014. Initially a five-room hotel, American Beech has expanded to eleven rooms.

We will keep you posted on what the owners call their upcoming “Act 2.”

Basso wine and appetizers
Basso’s traditional Italian cicchetti

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