Peconic Bay Scallop Season Closes Soon – but you can still get them on the North Fork

There are just a few days remaining in the Peconic Bay scallop season. They won’t be available fresh again until next November, assuming weather and water quality cooperate. So, get them while you can. Where can you still find them on the North Fork this week?

Of course, plenty of restaurants will still carry fresh bay scallops on their menus this weekend. And, with East End Restaurant Week coming up soon (March 31-April 7) you can bet that scallops will be on some menus. Check with your favorite eateries to be sure.

If you are looking to prepare them yourself at home, you can still get them on the North Fork at

  • Southold Fish Market, Main Road
  • Braun’s Seafood, Cutchogue

The Peconic Bay scallop season runs from the first Monday in November through March – if Mother Nature permits. In recent years, the bay scallop harvest has rebounded and supplies have been plentiful. But the delicacies were scarce for decades after an algae nearly wiped them out in the 1980s.

Simple Broiled Peconic Bay Scallop Recipe:

Set scallops out for a few minutes so they are not completely cold, yet not quite to room temp. Rinse scallops. Sprinkle with salt, melted butter and lemon juice. Lightly sprinkle bread crumbs on top.

Broil in shallow dish just a few minutes until scallops start to turn golden (keep a close eye on them, they will cook quickly)

Enjoy that savory deliciousness.

For more on East End Restaurant Week, go to


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