Made-to-Order Organic Juices

We get it. There were a lot of carbs this holiday week. And sweets. And wine…oh and those appetizers. And, there may be some more of that during New Year’s holiday celebrations. But for now, we are looking around the North Fork for made-to-order organic juices. If you are, too, here are a couple of our favorite places to get them.

Little tip of ours: We sometimes like to buy two juices–one green and one another color, maybe orange or yellow, little sweeter taste. Then, mix them together for a total burst of nutrition and a yummy one at that!

The Market on Front Street in Greenport serves made-to-order organic juices in a variety of flavors and in all colors of the veggie rainbow to takeout or enjoy there.

Simply Sublime on Main Road in Cutchogue serves made-to-order cleansing organic juices and smoothies.

To make your own juice, peel an apple, cucumber and a clementine or perhaps some pineapple. Add kale, a little ginger, some lemon and a pinch of garlic and/or tumeric.

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