The Extraordinary Story Behind Love Lane Kitchen’s Inspiring Sign

Love Lane Kitchen

Customers at the cozy Love Lane Kitchen can’t help but notice the charming chalk sign on the wall above the kitchen door. It’s uplifting and beautiful, yes. But, this artwork has two touching stories behind it that reach far beyond a simple inspirational message.

Live a Beautiful Life, it says. Each letter in Beautiful adorned with an array of colorful flowers. The sign is the creation of North Fork artist Kara Hoblin whose chalk art you may have seen on many menu boards and in East End galleries. Kara is the founder of the North Fork Art Collective in Greenport.

Love Lane Kitchen owner Carolyn Iannone said she commissioned the art message in memory of a beloved family member who died several years ago. The flowers were her favorite; the saying a mantra that she encouraged before she passed.

As Carolyn looked at the message last week, she noted the careful attention Kara poured into every detail. “It’s perfect,” she said.

The inspirational message has greeted customers at Love Lane Kitchen for about three years. Ms. Iannone said each time she passes by the uplifting sign she is inspired. And, she hopes it holds meaning for her customers, too.

To one Mattituck woman, the sign holds a lifetime of meaning and of memories. Last year, Cindy Wells received an email from her husband – an image of the Love Lane Kitchen sign. In the moment she received the message, she recalls wondering where he was sending it from, where the pretty sign was, where was he at that moment?Live a Beautiful Life.

It was one of the final communications between them. He died shortly afterward.

Months later, Cindy was having lunch at Love Lane Kitchen. She glanced up and saw the sign. She knew then, for the first time, where her husband was when he sent that final image to her. She contacted Kara and asked her to create a permanent piece, a replica of the Love Lane image, for her home.

This finished painting of Live a Beautiful Life is being delivered to Cindy by Kara on March 1.

Kara created this replica at the request of Cindy Wells (Hoblin credit)

Of the story, Kara said art connects people in ways the artist may never know. In this case, she is glad that it came back around full circle to her so she could paint the sign for Cindy. The story of the final message from husband to wife brings the magic behind her Love Lane artwork to an entire new level.

If you have a story about the Live a Beautiful Life sign, or any of Kara’s art, send it along to or leave in the comments below.


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