Greenport Creamery Coming to Former Sandpiper Ice Cream

By Donna Giancontieri

Greenport Creamery, a new homemade ice cream shop, will open in the former Sandpiper Ice Cream location. As we reported last fall, the owners of Sandpiper planned to retire and move to a warmer climate after many years of serving ice cream in the Village.

The new ice cream shop will be owned by Dr. Lillian Stachtiaris, whose family owns the Main Street building. She said Thursday that her father, Achilles Stachtiaris. ran the ice cream store until the early 2000s when he became sick. “His employees called him Pops,” she said. Her brother, Paris, continued to run Sandpiper until last fall.

Dr. Stachtiaris, a pediatrician, will be the sole owner of the business. The products will be all made “in-house” and will use as many local ingredients as possible. Local honey, pure sugar and other quality ingredients are important to her. “As a pediatrician, I am very aware of additives and other ingredients that can be allergens or cause other issues,” she said.

Greenport Creamery will feature more than 20 flavors of homemade ice cream, frozen yogurt, gourmet Italian ices and non-dairy ice cream.

The Main Street shop plans to open in May, 2019.

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