Emilio’s Restaurant Sells to Owner of 1943 Pizza

Emilio’s restaurant

Emilio’s restaurant on Main Street in Greenport is now owned by an LLC led by Matt Michel of 1943 Pizza and Brix and Rye.

Michel launched 1943 Pizza and the adjacent Brix and Rye cocktail bar in 2014. He kicked off his culinary empire with Rolling in Dough pizza truck which has served the North and South Forks for a decade. Jimmy Fallon, Jerry Seinfeld and Ina Garten are among Rolling in Dough’s more famous customers. Matt appeared in Ina’s cooking show on The Food Network a couple years back. His plans for the new property are unclear at this point. For now, it is business as usual at his popular hot-spots just a couple hundred yards away in Stirling Square. http://rollingindoughpizza.com/1943-2

The Emilio’s property is unique in the Village because it has coveted parking spaces and outdoor seating. Located at the corner of Main and Central, the Italian restaurant opened at the site in 2006.

The Stirling Square complex on Main Street and Bay Avenue houses the American Beech hotel and restaurant. Since purchasing the complex four years ago, owners Brent Pelton and Alex Vinash have expanded the hotel from five rooms to eleven and have added a store and reception area in a space that formerly housed a yoga studio.

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