Doofpot Closing After 46 Years in Greenport

The Doofpot in Greenport
Doofpot in Greenport at Stirling Square

One of Greenport’s oldest stores, Doofpot in Stirling Square, is closing after 46 years.

Maryann and Jaap Hilbrand opened the specialty imported ceramics shop in 1973. Doofpot offers a variety of colorful hand-painted European ceramics, hand-blown Venetian glass, jewelry and other unique handcrafted items. Originally located in the section of the Square near where 1943 Pizza now sits, the Greenport shop relocated many years ago to its current site on the corner of Main Street and Bay Avenue.

On Friday, Maryann said their lease is up this year and that she and Jaap have decided to close the shop.

The Greenport couple once owned the entire Stirling Square but sold it in 2006 to Farouk Ahmad. The historic property, which houses several businesses, was then re-sold to Manhattan attorney Brent Pelton in 2014. Mr. Pelton opened American Beech Restaurant and Hotel.

Maryann said Doofpot will remain open through the fall. She added that their companion ceramics store, Maryanna Suzanna, in Palm Beach, Florida also recently closed.

In the past year, there have been a number of changes at Stirling Square as Mr. Pelton expands his business. Basso wine bar moved on earlier this year after their lease expired (they are now at Blue Inn in East Marion on weekends). Mr. Pelton will open Terra cocktail bar in that space.

And, Stirling Square tenant Matt Michel, owner of 1943 Pizza and Brix and Rye, has purchased the Emilio’s building a few hundred yards north on Main Street with the eventual plan to move his pizza joint when his lease expires in two years.

Doofpot is now open weekends and hours will expand later this month. They are currently having a 20% off closing sale.

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