Claudio’s in Greenport Undergoing Major Renovation Work

Claudio's in Greenport

By Donna Giancontieri

Major renovation and repair work is underway at Claudio’s restaurant in Greenport. Work crews, trucks, and cranes can be seen on the site this week.

Last month, Greenport Village issued Claudio’s permits necessary to fix bulkheads in three areas of the property. John Costello, the marine contractor for the restaurant, told Village officials the bulkheads are in dire need of repair.

In addition, the outdoor bar and stage at the Clam Bar have been removed as part of the owner’s plan to reconfigure the outdoor restaurant area and add more seating.

Work crews and cranes at Caludio's in Greenport
Work is underway at the Claudio’s site in Greenport

Claudio’s changed hands last year after 148 years in the same family. Attorney Perry Weitz and his son, David, plus Ian Behar and Ryan Sasson of Strategic Financial Solutions now own the property. The restaurants will be managed by Stephen Loffredo and Tora Matsuoka of Seasoned Hospitality.

The sale in early 2018 consisted of three waterfront properties – the main restaurant, the Clam Bar on the pier and Crabby Jerry’s.

Claudio’s outdoor bar and stage have been demolished

Last fall, Loffredo and Matsuoka proposed changes to Village officials which included a reconfigured parking area and increased seating capacity at both the clam bar and main restaurant. They suggested the addition of an outdoor area with tables and umbrellas adjacent to the main restaurant. (where the current motorcycle parking is located.)

Under the renovation proposal, a single new stage constructed beneath a pergola on the dock would replace numerous stages. Additional dining tables would add 52 more seats. However, the new owners said this would actually reduce capacity because fewer patrons would stand crowded together in the current large outdoor bar area.

Claudio’s recently announced on social media they plan to re-open the restaurants on Memorial Day Weekend.

Portugese sailor Manuel Claudio established Claudio’s Tavern in 1845. During Prohibition, Claudio’s had a secret bar upstairs above the main restaurant. Reportedly, bootleggers brought liquor in by boat and transferred the loot through a trap door hidden behind the bar.

Claudio's Restaurant
Claudio’s plans to reopen next month


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