Are Many North Fork Restaurants Open in March?

Open sign at Love Lane Kitchen
Open sign at Love Lane Kitchen in Mattituck

Spring is around the corner and while many North Fork restaurants are soon re-opening in March after a winter break, some area eateries are just now taking their off-season siesta.

Greenport restaurants American Beech and First and South will close for the bulk of March. American Beech closes February 25 through March 20. First and South will close March 4 for a few weeks.

Crazy Beans in Greenport will be closed from March 4 through March 22.

Ali Katz Kitchen will be closed through March 8.

Mattitaco in Mattituck closed this week and will reopen on Saturday, March 2.

Meanwhile, Greenport’s 1943 Pizza and Brix and Rye will resume operations on March 1. Likewise, Pace’s in Mattituck, Wednesday’s Table in Southold, Rocco’s in Greenport and North Fork Shack will reopen soon after temporary closings. A Lure in Southold is opening March 7.

For a list of additional restaurants’ winter breaks go to


First and South in Greenport
First and South is closing for a few weeks in March
1943 Pizza in Greenport
North Fork restaurant 1943 Pizza will open on March 1

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