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Month: February 2019

The Extraordinary Story Behind Love Lane Kitchen’s Inspiring Sign

Customers at the cozy Love Lane Kitchen can’t help but notice the charming chalk sign on the wall above the kitchen door. It’s uplifting and beautiful, yes. But, this artwork has two touching stories behind it that reach far beyond a simple inspirational message. Live a Beautiful Life, it...

NoFo Donuts at the Greenport Roller Rink

Longing for those NoFo Donuts? You can now find them at the George D. Costello Roller Rink in Greenport The roller rink re-opened last year on Third Street after closing in 2007. Restoration efforts began in 2011 but were stalled by damage to the building from Hurricane Sandy a...

Are Many North Fork Restaurants Open in March?

Spring is around the corner and while many North Fork restaurants are soon re-opening in March after a winter break, some area eateries are just now taking their off-season siesta. Greenport restaurants American Beech and First and South will close for the bulk of March. American Beech closes February...

What’s Next for Greenport’s Basso?

Dozens of loyal customers turned out at Basso Cicchetti in Greenport this weekend for a final toast at the wine bar's Stirling Square location....

Lucharitos Launches ‘Tacos and Tequila Cruises’

Our friends at the popular North Fork Lucharitos restaurants will soon take to the seas and offer Taco and Tequila Cruises on a newly restored vintage wooden yacht. Marc LaMaina, owner of Lucharitos restaurants, said Thursday that he will run the cruises with his brother, Michael, a lifelong boatman...
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